Alexander Palace

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Alexander Palace

Alexander Palace | Russia


Alexander Palace was commissioned by Catherine II for her grandson, future Russian tsar Alexander I and later became the summer home of a succession of Imperial heirs, each of whom left their mark on the building.

Though few of the rooms can be compared with the splendor of the rooms at nearby Catherine Palace, they have almost tangible presence of the last owners members of Nikholas II‘s family, some of whose personal belongings are on display. Particularly moving are the uniforms that Tsarevich Alexis and his sisters wore in their capacity as honorary colonels of various regiments, and the fanciful headgear and harness of Alexei’s pet donkey (a gift from king of Italy), accompanied by photos of him playing. An excursion of this palace is a perfect way to get to know more about the private life of last Tsar and Tsarina.





Corner dining room of Alexander Palace near St Petersburg

Nikholas II's family in Alexander park