Baltic tours in St. Petersburg Russia

Recently Baltic tours have become especially popular, for a cruise in the Baltic allows you to visit St. Petersburg, and when you come to our city by sea, you do not need to arrange a visa, we send you visa substitutes, based on your passport info. This means that you can get acquainted with St. Petersburg almost effortless!

Enjoy Baltic Tours with us!

Cruise ships can stay in St. Petersburg up to 72 hours, so Dancing Bear Tours provides one-, two- and three day visa-free shore excursions in St. Petersburg, which means that you can choose one that really suits you.

How to get around Saint-Petersburg during Baltic tours

St. Petersburg was founded to be a port on the Baltic Sea. Peter the Great saw St. Petersburg as a window to Europe. And we, 300 years later continue this tradition!

When you come to St. Petersburg during Baltic private tours by cruise ship, there are two places where the ship can dock. The main passenger port of St. Petersburg is called Marine Façade and it is located on the Vasilyevsky Island. It takes about 20 minutes by car to get to the city center from Marine Façade. There is a subway station in the district of the port, but it takes about 15 minutes by bus to get there and about 40 minutes’ walk. Choose one of the Dancing Bear Tours visa-free shore excursions and we will meet you in the port, inside the terminal right after you go through the customs and start your St. Petersburg tour immediately!

Baltic tours in St. Petersburg

The second place to dock is the Neva River. Only smaller ships are allowed to dock on the English embankment or the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt. In this case, after the customs, you find yourself already in the city and we will be waiting for you right on the pier.


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