This section offers basic popular elements that almost any furniture, door or interior project needs – different carved decorative columns and classical wooden pilasters Our website offers models with simple geometric patterns, with a little floral-flower carving and with abundant luxurious patterns.

In this section you can find:

  • classical fluted pilasters with grooves of different sizes;
  • pilasters for modern projects;
  • luxurious carved wooden columns;
  • pilaster and half column bases;
  • delicate corner columns for wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables and other furniture;
  • plain bases for rosettes where you can fit the carved decor.

Columns and Pilasters Features

All our pilasters and carved wooden half columns come with bases and bases for carved decor. You can add other decorative elements to each model. If you add cover plates or rosettes to wooden pilasters, you will make a simple unit unique.

If you click on the picture you liked, you will see the dimensions, a technical drawing and ways of application of a decorative element.

If you want to design your interior or furniture yourself, we recommend to use wooden pilasters and carved columns of standard sizes. Just download the technical drawing and insert it into your project. If you are not sure which decorative elements you need, contact our managers and they will help you to choose the décor.

NB half columns in our catalogue have corresponding models that are full size columns.


Each model is available in different sizes so you can use the same unit of different sizes to create a collection.

If you use our decorative carved columns and wooden pilasters in your interior, they can

  • form zones in your flat;
  • make the walls look taller;
  • decorate portals;
  • be used in wall panels design;
  • be a feature of your interior.

The carved corner columns will make your wardrobe, dresser, bedside table or desk look gorgeous. This is an interesting and laconic way to create luxurious furniture.

We make pilasters, classical and curved columns of solid oak and beech. These materials are reliable and durable, you can trust our experience.

Decorative elements made by Stavros make your furniture and interior special.