City tour St. Petersburg

Dancing Bear Tours not only offers ordinary city tours that include just the major sights like the Savior on the Spilled Blood Church or the Palace square, but also some off the beaten track places. We create new routs around St. Petersburg that allow you to see familiar places from a totally different perspective!

Dancing Bear Tours offers a wide choice of one-day, two-day or three-day tours, and of course, all of them include a city tour of St. Petersburg. Most of our tours start with a driving city tour. The downtown of St. Petersburg is very vast, so choosing a driving tour is a good idea.

If you are staying in a hotel in the city center, we can organize a walking tour of St. Petersburg’s downtown for you. It will be more an orientation tour, which will help you to understand how to get around the city. However, if you wish to see most major sights during a short city tour, we recommend to choose a driving tour.

Variants of city tour St. Petersburg:

  • Driving tour of St. Petersburg. (advantages: see more in a shorter period of time, easy to get around; comfortable car);
  • Walking tour of the downtown of St. Petersburg (advantages: cheaper, learn how to get around the city on your own; disadvantages: the tour won’t include remote places as Peter and Paul’s Fortress or Smolny monastery; no transportation included).

Choose city tour saint petersburg!

Different types of a city tour Saint Petersburg

A city tour in St. Petersburg (group or private) is always a journey through time. In St. Petersburg you will always find yourself in the world of history and culture. During the tour, you will learn the legends and true stories, new details about famous people of St. Petersburg and understand the everyday life of the Russians better.  

City tour st petersburg is popular choice
City tour saint petersburg with Dancing Bear Tours

City tour in Saint Petersburg as the best introduction to the city

We highly recommend to start your meeting with Saint Petersburg with a city tour. Having a vehicle is a huge advantage, for you will be able to cover most of the sights during just one excursion. We can add sights that you would like to see in your itinerary, but usually we see Church of Our Savior on the Spilt Blood, St. Isaac’s cathedral, we make a few stops on the embankment of the Neva river including the Strelka of the Vasilyevsky island which offers a great view on the Winter Palace and the Peter and Paul’s Fortress. However, we can also include a visit to the Synagogue or to the St. Nicholas or Kazan Cathedral, the walk along the Nevsky prospect, a stop near the battleship Aurora and so on.

City tour St. Petersburg – get some local experience!

A city tour in St. Petersburg offers you a wonderful opportunity to get the local experience. Apart from visiting the historical sights – how about a visit to a farmer’s market or to the metro? Would you like to try some Russian beer – or maybe even vodka – in a place, where local people would go? Or would you like just to sit on an open terrace with a cup of coffee and watch the people passing by? The opportunities are really endless!

We offer:

  • Walking tours;
  • Driving tours;
  • City tours for children;
  • Off the beaten track tours;
  • Easy St. Petersburg tours, where you will enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg at a comfortable pace.