Green Tour Policy

Dancing Bear Tours

Green Tour Policy

Green Tour Policy

Dancing Bear Tours is the first «green» tour operator in St Petersburg Russia. When taking a St Petersburg tour or shore excursion with Dancing Bear Tours you can be assured you are participating in a «green tour» with careful attention being given to the environment and historical sites you will see.


Our Guides

All our guides have been trained to use best practices regarding the environment. They also take care to communicate with tourists about local customs, cultural norms, etiquette, and history of St Petersburg and the attractions visited.

Historical Sites

Our experienced guides bring exceptional knowledge of the historical attractions in St Petersburg and always try to connect past and present with interesting facts and stories that showcase the deep history of Russia and St Petersburg.

Dancing Bear guides are always conscious that tourists follow the rules of each historical attraction ensuring tourists don’t disturb, touch, or remove historical artifacts during the tour.

Cultural Attractions

We help support the local community in St Petersburg by giving our tourists a chance to experience local Russian culture and heritage with tours that feature cultural attractions.

Our evening tours given an additional chance to experience local dance, ballet, opera, and other cultural shows and events.

Our expert guides are trained to give more information about each cultural attraction that tourists can’t find in a guidebook which enhances the cultural experience.

Tourists are carefully instructed on local cultural etiquette including where it is not allowed to take photos.


Route Planning

All our routes are carefully planned to minimize CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and noise.

We also occasionally utilize the St Petersburg Metro as part of our tours to promote public transportation and reduction of carbon emissions.


We carefully select a vehicle for each tour group that maximizes seating utilization for each group.

All our vehicles are properly maintained and repaired according to auto industry standards to help reduce noise, pollution, and leaks.

We ensure our mechanics properly dispose of motor oil that could harm the local environment.

Our drivers minimize the weight of the vehicles and verify correct tire pressure to reduce fuel consumption.


Our experienced drivers only start the engine just before departure to conserve fuel and minimize wasteful emissions.

Each driver takes care to accelerate and brake gently, changes gears early, and keeps to posted speed limits to reduce fuel consumption.

We only run the heat and air conditioning of our vehicles when passengers are inside to limit fuel consumption.

If a tour experiences heavy traffic where the vehicle is stopped for more than 3 minutes our drivers turn off the vehicle to save fuel.


We always try to offer our tourists a taste of local Russian cuisine to support the local community.

We also give our tourists a chance to buy local Russian food and eat it later.

Shopping & Souvenirs

Our guides give tourists a chance to purchase locally produced souvenirs that support the local community.

We inform our tourists when «haggling» is appropriate and help them understand the price of souvenirs to ensure local vendors receive a fair price.

The guides also give advice about the best local handicrafts to purchase that can support the local community.