St Petersburg Doll Museum

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St Petersburg Doll Museum

One of the first private museums in Russia (1998), the St Petersburg Doll Museum is based on several private collections and composed under the guidance of scientists from St Petersburg Ethnography Museum. At the present moment new acquisitions of museum include antique dolls and dolls made by modern artists.

Doll Museum in St Petersburg Russia

This is the only museum in St Petersburg which tells the history of a doll’s creation in full — from archaic up to modern versions. The St Petersburg Doll Museum includes 8 different halls and each is devoted to its own subject: fairy tales, Russian Folk dolls, Russian customs and festivities (to mention few) and even the hall of erotic dolls.

Doll Museum in St Petersburg

One of the most interesting sites of exhibition is dolls, masks, and textile collages of students from the Stage faculty of the Theatrical Academy. Every little visitor (and not very little one) is warmly welcomed by a white  poodle named Artemon (find  a picture below) who lives on the ground floor of the museum.

Artemon at the St Petersburg Doll Museum