St Petersburg Evening Walking Tour

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St Petersburg Evening Walking Tour

St Petersburg Evening Walking Tour | Dancing Bear Tours

Want to see more of St Petersburg? The city you have not been shown yet? There are a multitude of beautiful streets and squares where tourists never go because no guide takes them there.

After a day of sightseeing our St Petersburg evening walking tour is one of the best ways to relax and view parts of the city that are rarely visited by tourists.

Unique fashionable houses built in Northern Modern Style at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries looks so different from Imperial Baroque and Classical mansions located near Nevsky Prospekt.

Just a few minutes drive to Petrogradsky Island and you will be immersed in another St Petersburg that is probably even more beautiful, stylish, and attractive than the city center. Petrogradsky Island is a place where local people love to live. You can also visit a unique and complicated labyrinth of courtyards that looks like a hidden town within the city.

Just one mile from Petrogradsky Island is Vasilyevsky Island, the oldest part of St Petersburg and where the city has its beginning. Why not to visit Tuchkov Lane paved with the old stones that are all original and authentic right from 1798 and walk down the famous St Petersburg inner court that seems to be the bottom of a well? You can hardly see the sky being there.

And the best way to accomplish the tour is to take a drink at a bar where only locals go. You will be taught how to drink Russian vodka in the proper way and positively surprised with the prices and atmosphere.

Perhaps the best part of a St Petersburg evening walking tour is the romantic and enchanting aura of white nights in the summer which will guide us with a glowing light that makes this tour seem almost otherworldly.