St. Petersburg guide

To understand St Petersburg better, to feel the connection between past and present, to plunge into the atmosphere of the Northern Capital, you can use the service of a professional St. Petersburg guide.

St. Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia with a population of 5 million people. Sometimes it is impossible to get around just by yourself. So St. Petersburg guided tour is a good option!

Amazing St Petersburg guided tours

If you are staying in hotel, you can book a private St. Petersburg guide from our company. He will meet you in your hotel. During one day tour you can get the feel of the city with the help of our professional co-worker and drivers, reach the sights that are far from your hotel and also learn how to get around the city and to use public transport.

If you decide to visit the Hermitage museum, a guide in St. Petersburg is also very useful. The museum is really big, you can easily spend days there, trying to find parts of the collection you are interested in. Our guides will show you all the highlights of the museum! One should also bear in mind that for such museums as the Hermitage you should book in advance in order to save time and escape huge lines at the entrance.  

The features of our private tours:

  • All tours are strictly personal: only for you, your family and friends. All attention and all knowledge of Saint-Petersburg guide will be at your disposal.
  • All tours start from your hotel / apartment and end where you wish.

St. Petersburg guide tours are the most comfortable for you

Saint Petersburg guide tours are arranged depending on your wishes with maximum comfort. We are very flexible, when customizing a tour for you. We take into account all your interests and arrangements that you have made or are going to make (e.g. visit to a theater). When we discuss your future tour, the itinerary can be easily adjusted. After the confirmation, we book all tickets in advance, organize comfortable transportation during the tour, and provide you with an experienced, fully licensed private guide, fluent in English (or any other language you wish).

Our saint petersburg guide has flexible pricing policy.

Dancing Bear Tours is the best St Petersburg guide

Saint Petersburg guide

If you are staying in a hotel, you can book just a Saint Petersburg guide (without a vehicle). It will reasonably drop the cost of the visit. However, one should bear in mind that the downtown of the city is rather spread, so you will not be able to reach all the sights on foot. Using metro and public transport is easy, but it will definitely include a lot of walking!

Usually we recommend hiring a Saint Petersburg guide and a driver for the orientation drive of the city and then just stay with a guide to walk in the downtown (in the Nevsky prospect, which the main street of the city) or to visit the Hermitage museum. The museum is vast; the collection is enormous, so having a guide is really a good decision!

Saint Petersburg guide for a visa free visit

If you come to Russia by cruise ship (Baltic cruise) or by ferry from Helsinki, you can stay in the city for 72 hours without arranging a visa in advance. However according to the laws of the Russian Federation you have to be accompanied by a licensed guide throughout your visit. So in this case hiring a guide is an obligatory requirement. Through our company, you can easily arrange both blanket visas (visa substitutes, which you will need to show in the customs) and a licensed guide.

Why choose our tours:

  • We have more than 15 years of experience in organizing custom tours;
  • Our local guides are in love with their native city;
  • We have flexible pricing policy.