Group Shore Excursion

$ 210

Two-day Group St Petersburg Shore Excursion "Like a local"

This tour gives you a chance to spend time in St Petersburg in a more relaxed way: you won’t be “over-museumed” and “over-palaced”as we visit only two “must see” palaces leaving you more time for souvenir shopping and exploring local life in St Petersburg.

$ 255

Two-Day Mini-Group St Petersburg Shore Excursion “Must See Must Do”

Choose this two-day mini-group tour for the cruise passengers if you wish to move at your own pace, spending enough time in each museum, would like to ask as many questions as you wish, and want to save money receiving the advantages of a small group tour.

$ 280

Two-Day All St Petersburg in 20 Hours Mini-Group Tour

This group tour is definitely for you, if you want to make the most of your time and money. “All St Petersburg in 20 hours” shore excursion includes all the main attractions in St Petersburg with just a bit less time spent at each to ensure you see the maximum amount of attractions.