Private Shore Excursion

$ 140

One-Day St Petersburg Shore Excursion

Your your ship arrives for one -day in St Petersburg and you wish to see the main attractions of the city.

$ 170

Two-Day Standard St Petersburg Shore Excursion

Choose our private two-day Standard St Petersburg shore excursion if you are family/ friends group and prefer moving at your own pace spending enough time in each museum, asking more questions and learning more about local life in St Petersburg.

$ 220

Two-Day Active St Petersburg Shore Excursion

Our private two-day active St Petersburg shore excursion will be perfect for you if you
want to make the most of your time and money. This shore excursion includes all the main attractions in St Petersburg with just a bit less time spent at each to ensure you see the maximum amount of attractions.


Two-Day Royal Shopping Tour

We specially designed this tour in such a way that you won’t miss the greatest sights but will also have enough time to get the feel of the city, enjoy the everyday life — and have a wonderful shopping experience!


Two-Day Scenic Tour

This is a special tour for amateur( and profssional) photographers. You have a special passion for taking pictures! St Petersburg is nicknamed a “museum under the open sky”, and our guides will take you to the most beautiful spots for providing stunning pictures, places for which other tours usually don’t have enough time.


Two-Day Back to the USSR Tour

Welcome to The USSR !Taking this tour you will see not only main attractions of ST Petersburg but learn how soviet people lived, what they believed in , how they brought up their children and much more!