Travel to St. Petersburg Russia

St. Petersburg is definitely one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Millions of travelers come to St. Petersburg every year to enjoy its unique beauty. No wonder that tourism experts of World Travel Awards have considered St Petersburg World’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2016.

Dancing Bear Tours organizes tours, excursions, corporate trips, and other events for various groups of travelers, guaranteeing you the most exciting and informative travel to St Petersburg Russia. With us, you can not only see St. Petersburg but also travel to the suburbs (e.g. Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum) as well as take a one day trip to Novgorod, an ancient town some 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg.  

We offer different types of tours:

  • Group tour. In this case, other people will join your party and you will tour St Petersburg as a group accompanied by an experienced guide sharing a bus or a minivan, depending on the size of the group. In this case, the tour is cheaper, but the itinerary is fixed; you can’t change it on the spot. The guide won’t be able to fulfill all the requests.
  • Private tour. In this case, you tour St Petersburg (with friends or family) accompanied by your personal guide. No other people will be joining you. You have the guide and the driver at your own disposal. This kind of tour is more expensive but makes you more flexible and allows you to see more in a shorter time, because with a small party it is easier to get around the city as well as around the museums.

Travel to St. Petersburg! It will be unforgettable

Dancing Bear Tours offers a wide range of tours in St. Petersburg with different flavors. We have tours for people who are travelling to St. Petersburg for the first time and want to get acquainted with the cultural capital of Russia, or tours for people who have already seen the major sights, have fallen in love with our gorgeous city and decided to come back. Even if you are planning already a third or fourth trip to St. Petersburg Dancing Bear Tours will be able to offer you something you have not seen!

St. Petersburg stands in front of you not only as a brilliant capital with magnificent architectural ensembles, but also as a mystical city with its secrets and riddles. The advantage of travel to Saint Petersburg is the ability to cover many places of interest and cultural centers in one trip, for the city provides numerous opportunities!