What to do in St. Petersburg Russia

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What to do in St. Petersburg Russia

St. Petersburg is not only the Palace square, the Hermitage and the Nevsky Prospect. There are many interesting places in the Northern Capital, which are not always listed in standard guidebooks and on tourist maps.

It is impossible to see all the sights of Saint Petersburg in one trip, this city is so diverse, that’s why so many tourists who are limited to a weekend or part of the holiday, wonder what to do in St Petersburg Russia first of all?

what to do in st petersburg russia

If you are in St. Petersburg, there a few things that you absolutely cannot miss! First of all it is the State Hermitage Museum. It features the Winter Palace, the former residence of the Russian tsars, as well as one of the largest collections of West-European art in the world. During high season the museum is really crowded, so it is a good idea to buy tickets in advance or to book an excursion to the Hermitage museum with Dancing Bear private tours, for we will not only arrange tickets for you, but also provide you a licensed experienced tour guide with, who will make your visit easier and more informative!

The other thing to see is The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood, which is also a must!

In the evening, you can visit the Faberge Museum, where you will find a wonderful collection of world-famous Easter eggs by Carl Faberge. You can take a lovely stroll along the Nevsky prospect and visit some local coffee shops! The city also has a lot of different restaurants, some featuring an amazing view of the city!

So come and enjoy our pride, the Imperial Capital of Russia, St. Petersburg!

what to do in st petersburg? Got it with Dancing Bear Tours

what to do in st petersburg russia?

Top 10 places to visit in Saint Petersburg in Russia


What to do in St Petersburg if you have some free time? This top might help you to organize your stay in St. Petersburg better!

  1. The State Hermitage Museum and the Palace square;
  2. The Peter and Paul’s Fortress;
  3. The Nevsky Prospect;
  4. The Lower Garden with fountains in Peterhof;
  5. Amber Room in the Catherine Palace;
  6. The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood with its wonderful mosaics;
  7. The Spit of the Vasilyevsky Island with an amazing panoramic view of the Neva River, Palace embankment and the Peter and Paul’s Fortress;
  8. The Drawbridges of St. Petersburg (at night they are opened and it is quite a sight!);
  9. Isaac’s Cathedral;
  10. Faberge Museum.

St Petersburg is a beautiful city, rich in history and sightseeing. We hope that our top-10 will help you!

What to do in St. Petersburg (Russia) if you stay in a hotel

St. Petersburg is a wonderful city, the second biggest city in Russia, which provides you with endless choices of what to do and how to spend your time and it will definitely satisfy all your needs!

If you are into art and culture, there are a number of museums that you must see. First, it is the Hermitage, which has a fine collection of West-European art, including paintings by Da Vinci, Rembrandt as well as the French impressionists. You can easily spend a whole day in the museum. Our company can help you to arrange the tickets in advance as well as provide you with a licensed guide, who will get you around the museum easier.

The second place we strongly recommend is the Russian museum. The Hermitage has only a small department devoted to the Russian art; the Russian museum will give you an idea of the development of paintings and art in our country. You can rather easily get there on your own, but it is advisable to hire a knowledgeable guide, who will give you a better understanding of the Russian art.

If you prefer architecture, we have more than 500 palaces in our city. To visit the Catherine Palace on your own is rather difficult and time-consuming. We can help you book the tickets for this one in advance. Peterhof is easier. You can take a hydrofoil from the Winter palace and it will bring you straight to the Summer palace! You can easily get the tickets, spend lovely time in the park, and then catch the hydrofoil back to the city. Being the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg offers a great choice of what to do!

What to do in St. Petersburg in the evening?

The city leads a very active nightlife, so there is no problem finding what to do in St. Petersburg! The St. Isaac’s cathedral, the Church on the Spilt Blood are open every day (except Wednesday) until 8.30 pm. You can climb up the colonnade of St. Isaac’s, which offers a breathtaking view of the city. You can spend the evening in a nice restaurant or pub, or spend an unforgettable time in the opera or ballet. During the summer most of the bridges over the Neva river open at night. These drawbridges have also become one of the brands of St. Petersburg. You can join a boat trip at night to see the bridges open or simply walk to the Neva embankment. They open at approximately 1.30 a.m. depending on the bridge, and it is quite a sight!

As you can see, St. Petersburg, gives you numerous options of what to do in our amazing city!