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Julia,Thank you we enjoyed our short time in SPb immensely. The art, history and architecture was breathtaking. Kate is truly a wonderful tour guide. Thanks again :)
Mariangela, 27-18 June 2017 , “Serenade of the Seas “ cruise ship
Julia:Thank you, thank you for a huge success! My clients, the Cantwell / Korn group, who booked three days with you in St. Petersburg, June 21-23, are ecstatic about the time they spent with Elena and Vladimir. I can not say it any better than what Tom Cantwell wrote in an email recently sent to me. “Not much to say about Dancing Bear and St. Petersburg...other than AMAZING. Our guide Elena and driver Vladimir (Julia's husband) were more than excellent. Elena's breadth and depth of knowledge about each of the excursion destinations was second to none. From Picasso's at The Hermitage to St. Issac's Cathedral, she knew it all. Elena was gracious, understanding, and engaging. Vladimir must know every street in St. Petersburg and Pushkin...he was always able to outwit the heavy traffic to get us where we needed to be. Again, please pass along our sincere appreciation to Julia.”
Tom Cantwell, June21-23, 2017, “Marina” cruise ship
Dear Julia, I finally arrived home. Thank you for our memorable visit to St. Petersburg. It was perfect in every way…from your warm greeting when we met at the airport, to our Delightful and knowledgeable guide, Kate. We learned so much, thanks to Kate’s extensive knowledge of the history and culture of your magnificent country. She is an outstanding and very personable guide! I travel rather extensibly and I’d like you to know Kate’s tour was the best one I’ve ever taken. She is knowledgeable, sincere and well spoken. That meant a lot to Jeanette and me. With my warmest regards and many thanks, and hopes that I shall see you and Kate again.
Mary, 6-7 May 2017, «Regal Princess» cruise ship
Hi Julia Many thanks once again for making our trip to St Petersburg a lovely and memorable one. Olga and Edward are both such wonderful company. Thanks especially for the arrangements with the Conservatory, the results were far above what we had expected and it has given Ben even more motivation to write music. I have shared with many friends about my trip and they are pleasantly surprised to know that its possible to make arrangements directly with a Tour Company in Russia and I have recommended your Co to my friend Sandra, who may be contacting you to plan her trip for June next year with her family. Warmest regards.
Steven, 25-29 September 2016, «Petro Palace» hotel
It was fantastic to meet you and Lana while we were in St Petersburg. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed learning about the Russian culture and experiencing the beautiful landmarks, churches and museums. Everything went perfectly and we could not have asked for a better day so thank you!!!I will definitely look through the reading list, although I am still only on page 200 of War and Peace.  Thanks for the recipe too, I didn't get to try it in Russia so nice to have the recipe.Thanks again!
Lis, 23 June 2017 , “Disney Magic” cruise ship
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City tour st petersburgSt. Petersburg is a unique, one of a kind, city of Russia. One of the legends even says that this city was constructed in heaven, and then it was lowered down to earth. This is probably the only explanation how a city of such astonishing beauty might have emerged on the marshy banks of the Neva River. Our St. Petersburg tours are designed in such a way so that you enjoy the charm and beauty of our Venice of the North!

If you visit Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs, you will experience the harmony of antiquity and modernity, elegance and comfort, luxury and modesty, as well as all the charm of cities. Few cities can boast of so many attractions!

Tourism experts of World Travel Awards have considered St Petersburg World’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2016.

There are numerous reasons to visit St. Petersburg. Whatever your interests are, this place will meet your expectations! Are you interested in art and architecture? We have the Hermitage Museum, the largest museum of Russia! Do you enjoy shopping? We have some beautiful old shops in the center of the city. Are you a photographer? This city is indeed one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Come and check it out yourself!

Visit Saint Petersburg for the weekend!

If you are planning a short trip to Russia (for the weekend only, for example), and you have time just for one city, choose St Petersburg!

tours to st petersburgSaint Petersburg has many nicknames, like the Northern Palmyra, the Venice of the North, the Cultural and Imperial Capital of Russia – these are only a few of them!

Tours in St. Petersburg are unforgettable. It is a trip to a beautiful city with plenty of attractions. The hospitable city is filled with an atmosphere of cordiality and warmth, and is always ready to offer its guests many great places for , leisure and tourism. We offer everyone fascinating St. Petersburg tours with a variety of sightseeing and entertainment programs.

Saint Petersburg tourism is enjoying great popularity right now. We have developed a series of original tourist offers, each of them is unique. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the best trip, which really suits you.

We offer a wide variety of SPB tours with emphasis on personal approach. You can choose our readymade tours, or if you are interested in something special, we can customize a tour personally for you!

Among our tours are small group tours, for example “Must See Must Do” tour, which includes almost all the important attractions of the city, “All St. Petersburg in 20 Hours” tour, which allows you to see a lot in a rather short period of time, or “Feel Yourself Local” tour, which not only includes major attractions like the Hermitage Museum or Lower Garden in Peterhof, but also allows you to really feel the spirit of our city!

We also offer thematic tours of Saint Petersburg, like “Back to the USSR” tour with an emphasis on the 20th century history of our country, or “Scenic St Petersburg”, which was designed for people who enjoy taking pictures!

We will help you to fulfill the dream of tours to St Petersburg! Our professional experienced s will make your visit to St Petersburg unforgettable!

Saint Petersburg tours by Dancing Bear

If you come to St. Petersburg by cruise ship, according to the laws of the Russian Federation you can stay in the city 72 hours without the visas, which makes the visit to Russia much easier. However, you have to be accompanied by a professional licensed tour guide everywhere. Our company offers such visa-free tours to St. Petersburg. To prove that you are with a guide, we provide you with a blanket visa (a visa substitute).

Another reason to take tours to St. Petersburg is that the port in our city is not located in the downtown, even by car it takes about 20 minutes to get to the city center. Our guide and driver will meet you directly after you clear the customs in the port terminal.

Tours to St. Petersburg from a hotel

If you are staying in a hotel, it is also advisable to join a St Petersburg tour. First of all the downtown is quite spread and some of the sights are not that easy to reach. Secondly, some of the places like Catherine palace (the one featuring Amber room) or the Hermitage museum it is better to book in advance, which we will gladly do for you. How about an orientation drive around the city with a knowledgeable guide, who will help you to understand the city better and to find your way around easier?