Custom Tour in St Petersburg

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Custom Tour in St Petersburg

Create your own personalized tour in St Petersburg that is flexible and includes all the attractions that are most interesting for you. A Custom tour of St Petersburg gives you the ultimate tour experience in the «Cultural Capital of Russia.»

Choosing a custom tour in St Petersburg allows you the ability to see only the sites and attractions that you really want to see and on your own pace and schedule.

This is the most flexible way to plan a tour in St Petersburg. We know there are many lovers of art who want to spend more time in the Hermitage Museum and / or visit the insightful Russian Museum to learn more about the history of Russia.

Families want to show something special to their little ones which might not be included in the itinerary of group tours or standard private tours in st petersburg russia. Some travelers are more interested in a relaxed tour which includes a leisurely stroll along the streets and around the squares observing everyday life while having a glass of beer or a shot of vodka in an outdoor café at the end of the day. We are ready to assist you in creating YOUR unforgettable tour in St Petersburg.

You can choose the attractions, sites, museums, or events that are interesting for you and include your contact information. We will then contact you and help you create your tour itinerary.


St Isaac’s Cathedral (30 minutes)

Peter & Paul Fortress (1 hour)

Hermitage - depending on your interest (from 2.5 hours to 8 hours)

Russian Museum (1.5 hours)

Peterhof - Lower park with fountains and a visit to the Bath Block (2 hours)

Visiting a local market with fresh produce and honey (30 minutes)

Kunstkamera - Chamber of Curiosities (1 hour)

Church of Our Saviour on the Spilt Blood (30 minutes)

Kazan Cathedral (30 minutes)

Yusupov Palace (1.5 hours)

A ride in the St Petersburg Metro (30 minutes)

Siege Memorial (40 – 60 minutes)

Catherine Palace with the Amber Room (1.5 hours)

Pavlovsk Palace (1.5 hours)

Veliky Novgorod Tour (10 hours including driving there and back)

Kronstadt Military Fortress in the Gulf of Finland (5 hours including driving there and back)

Boat trip along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg (1 hour)

Alexander Nevsky Monastery with graves of famous Russian writers and composers (1 hour)

Museum of Musical Instruments (1 hour)

Museum of Political History (1 hour)

St Petersburg Porcelain Factory museum (1 hour)

Grand Choral Synagogue (1 hour)

Ballet and Opera Performance(1.5 - 3 hours)

Konstantinovsky Palace (1 Hour)

Alexander Palace (1 Hour)

Ananov Jewelry Shop (1 hour)

Erarta Modern Art Museum (1.5 hours)

Russian Alcatraz – Shlisselburg Fortress (5 – 6 hours)

Oranienbaum Park and Palace Ensemble (2 - 3 hours)

Crime and Punishment Literature Tour (2 - 3 Hours)

Pushkin Literature Tour (2 – 3 hours)

Gatchina (2 – 3 hours)

Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts (1 hour)

Artillery Museum (1 hour)

Maritime (Naval) Museum (1.5 hours)

Grand Model of Russia (1 hour)

Faberge Museum (1 hour)

Russian Vodka Museum (1 hour)

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