Evening shore excursions in St Petersburg, Russia

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How can you enjoy Evening Shore Excursions in St Petersburg with Dancing Bear tours?

Are you planning for an Evening shore excursion tour? Here is a list of activities to do on your shore excursion tour.

Visit Folk show 

Folk Shows in St Petersburg, Russia are quintessence of rich Russian culture, embodied in traditional dances and songs. Everybody will comprehend language of dance and rhythms of songs, no matter, which language he or she speaks. Folk show is the best way to get acquainted with Russian history and culture and of course to spend unforgettable evening. Folk shows include songs and dance on different genres. Very common are traditional songs and dances from villages from Central and Northwest regions of Russia.

There are a number of different folk show groups in Saint Petersburg. The oldest and the most admired show is Feel Yourself Russian.

Russian ballet 

The ballet is an essential part of St Petersburg’s culture. For years, it was one of the most admired forms of entertainment, where decency and even the regal family gathered to appreciate the art. Prima ballerinas were like superstars, with fans throwing flowers at their feet and greatly falling in love. Now, the tradition carries on, bringing the uppermost quality of ballet to audiences from around the world.

Spend a couple of hours in good restaurant with local cuisine

When in Russia, eat like the Russians do. That means you should get ready for hearty portions of calorie-ridden dishes, topped off by delicious desserts and washed down with various berry juices or maybe something a little stronger. Indulge whilst travelling to St Petersburg, and try some of the best dishes that Russian cuisine has to offer.

Enjoy wine pub tour

To understand the culture you are interested in, it is better to start with the wine pub tour traditions. We think that it is iniquitous that the world associates Russia with only Borsch and vodka. The country is international, as well as the cuisine. The idea of this Evening Shore Excursions tour is to get our foreign guests acquainted with the everyday drinking life of Russian people.

Enjoy late night raising bridges ether taking a boat ride or just driving along the Neva River. Visit some museums in evening hours when they are not so overcrowded; such tours are possible in  St Isaac Cathedral , the Church of our savior on the spilt Blood ( every day but Wednesday: 6pm-10pm ) The Hermitage ( Wednesday and Friday 6pm -9pm)  Erarta Museum  work till 10pm but Tuesday), Grand Peterhof Palace ( 6pm-9pm)