User Personal Data Processing & Protection Policy Pursued by «Julia Tours» Limited Liability Company

  1. GENERAL provisions

1.1. This document, User Personal Data Processing and Protecting Policy Pursued by «Julia Tours» Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as the Policy, was developed under Article 18.1 of Federal Law dated July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ On personal data and shall be an internal document of «Julia Tours » Limited Liability Company regulating its activity in processing and protecting personal data operated by the Company.

1.2. The policy was designed to implement the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation in personal data processing and protecting and provide protection of human rights and civil liberties in processing personal data by «Julia Tours» Limited Liability Company, including protection of rights to privacy and personal and family secrets.

1.3. The Policy shall stipulate the main principles, objectives, conditions and methods of processing information, lists of subjects and the personal data processed by the Company, as well as the requirements to personal-data protection implemented in the Company.

1.4. This Policy shall cover any information on the user received by the Company both before and after the Policy was approved.

1.5. The Policy shall cover all the information on the user provided by the latter to the Company while using the website, the software and the products integrated therein.

1.6. Visiting and using the Website shall mean that the user unconditionally agrees to:

  • processing his / her personal data specified in Article 2 of this Policy;
  • conditions of processing his / her personal data stipulated by this Policy.

1.7. In case of disagreement with personal-data processing conditions of the Company, the user should stop using the Website.

1.8. This Policy shall only apply to The Company shall not control or be liable for collecting and processing personal data by third parties whose websites a user can go to using links provided at

1.9. The Company shall not validate the personal data given by a user.


2.1. The Company shall be “I Travel SPb” Limited Liability Company, located at 192029, St Petersburg, Bolshoi Smolenskii pr. 2.

2.2. Website shall be a corpus of web pages united by a single address space of  https://dancing-bear-tours.comThe Website starting page providing access to all other webpages of the Website is placed in the Internet at

2.3. Website administration shall be the associates authorised to manage the Website on behalf of “Julia Tours” Limited Liability Company, who process and / or have personal data processed, as well as stipulate the purposes of processing personal data, the scope of personal data to be processed, actions / operations to be conducted on personal data.

2.4. Personal data shall be any information relating to explicitly or implicitly identified or identifiable physical person, i. e. the personal-data subject.

2.5. Personal-data processing shall be any action / operation or a series of actions / operations conducted on personal data with or without application of automated aids, including collection, recording, systematisation, accumulation, storage, refinement, i. e. updating, amendment; extraction, usage, disclosure, i.e. distribution, provision, access; anonymisation, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

2.6. User shall be a person having access to the Website on the Internet and using

2.7. Service shall be a tourist product, an object of placement, guide services / offers, actions, events, excursions, tickets for concerts, festivals and other actions placed on

2.8. Cookies shall be a small piece of data sent by a web server and kept on a user’s computer, which the web user or the web browser sends to the web server in a HTTP query when attempting to open a Website page.

2.9. IP address shall be a unique web address of a node in a computer network built upon the IP protocol.


2.1. The user data received and processed under this Policy shall come to the Company in the following ways, viz.

2.1.1. The user shall provide the data by him / herself on the Website when filling in contact forms and booking forms. The latter usually include the following information, viz.

  • user name;
  • user contact phone number;
  • user e-mail;
  • passport info

2.1.2. The software installed on the user device shall automatically deliver it to the Company when the user visits and uses the Website. In this way, the Company finds out his / her IP address, information from cookies, information of the user browser or another program providing access to the Website, access time, requested page address, referrer, i. e. previous page address.


3.1. The Company shall collect and process user personal data for the following purposes, viz.

3.1.1. Conclusion and execution of contracts for Services to the user on behalf of the Company and / or its Partners.

3.1.2. Communication with the user if and when necessary, including notification, request forwarding and information transfer connected with Website use, booking and rendering Services, as well as processing user’s requests and queries;

3.1.3. Efficient customer and technical support of the user in case of problems connected with use of the Website;

3.1.4. Improving the Website in terms of quality and convenience for use;

3.1.5. Provided the user agrees, making him / her special offers, supplying with price information and news and other data on behalf of the Company and / or its partners;

3.1.6. Advertising with consent of the user;

3.1.7. Statistical and other research on the basis of depersonalised data.

3.2. The personal data shall not be processed for the purposes different from those stipulated by this article.

  • The Company shall provide safety of user personal data.
  • The Company shall destroy or depersonalise personal data processed after the processing purposes have been accomplished or defeated, as well as if the user has withdrawn his / her consent to processing personal data.
  • A user shall have a right to withdraw his / her consent to processing personal data by giving a written notice to the Company registered office at Russia 195269 St Petersburg , Bryantsev Str 18-67, marked Withdrawal of consent to processing personal data. Withdrawal of the user consent to processing personal data shall entail destruction of the records containing the personal data in the Company personal-data processing systems.
  • Any user personal data shall be subject to confidentiality, except for the cases established in Article 4.5 of this Policy.
  • The Company shall have a right to disclose user personal data to third parties in the following cases, viz.

4.5.1. The user has explicitly expressed his / her consent to disclosure of his / her personal data;

4.5.2. A disclosure of personal data is necessary for the Company or Company partners to render a certain service to the user. In this case, the personal information shall be kept confidential, and the user shall be notified of such a disclosure. The partners having contractual relations with the Company shall undertake to provide confidentiality of the information and guarantee its protection, as well as to use the information received only for the purposes of rendering the Services.

4.5.3. A disclosure is stipulated by the Russian or another applicable legislation within the framework of an established procedure, viz. on the basis of a court decision, where required by law enforcement bodies etc.;

4.5.4. A disclosure takes place within the framework of sale or another transfer of business, either in full or in part. In this case, the purchaser dealing with the personal information it has received shall assume all obligations to adhere to this Policy;

4.5.5. With a view of protection of rights and legitimate interests of the Company.

4.6. Should the personal data be lost or disclosed, the Company shall inform the user thereof.



  • The Company shall guarantee that the level of security of user personal data meets the Russian Federation Government Order dated November 01, 2012 No. 1119 On approval of requirements to protection of personal data processed in personal-data information systems.
  • The Company shall take necessary organizational and technical measures to protect user personal data against wrongful or accidental access, destruction, amendment, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other wrongful actions of third parties in compliance with the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia Order dated February 18, 2013 No. 21 On approval of the list and the contents of organizational and technical measures providing security of personal data processed in personal-data information systems.
  • The Website of shall have an SSL security certificate enabling user — operator upload of the information coded to prevent its eavesdropping and / or abusing during the upload.



6.1. In case of failure to perform its obligations, the Company shall be liable for the damage suffered by the user through wrongful usage of his / her / its personal data in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, except for the cases stipulated by Article 6.2 of this Policy.

6.2. In case of loss or disclosure of the user personal data, the Company shall not be liable if this information has come to the public domain before its loss or disclosure, or was disclosed by the user or with the user consent.

  • The Company shall have a right to amend and supplement this Policy. A revised Policy shall come into force upon its publication at unless otherwise stipulated by the revised Policy.
  • The relations arising in personal data processing and protecting and falling out of the scope of this Policy shall be settled as prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • All suggestions or questions connected with processing and protecting personal data by the Company shall be e-mailed to   [email protected].
  • Bank details of the personal data operator, viz.

«Julia Tours» Limited Liability Company
Taxpayer’s Identification Number (INN): 7810826969
Tax Registration Reason (KPP): 780401001
All-Russian State Registration Number (OGRN): 1117847185400
Tour Operator Register No.: MBT 006852
Address: Russia 195269 St Petersburg , Bryantsev Str 18-67
Tel.:+7 (921) 324-46-40,
Fax: +7 (812) 379-26-33

Kazan Cathedral is one of the grandest churches in St Petersburg with its colonnades of 96 columns embracing Nevsky prospect like the outstretched wings of a gigantic eagle. Kazan Cathedral was  designed and built between 1801 and 1811  by Russian artists, (despite being modeled on St Peter in the Vatican) to house a venerated icon, Our Lady of Kazan.

Chinese Palace which was created at the time of Catherine the Great. It is a unique rococo style residence with a famous bugle work cabinet. It is the only palace in the vicinities of SPb which survived World War II. It is one of the private residences which means that only chosen ones could come there, be one of them. Enjoy this unique architectural miracle, much more impressive inside than from the façade. Feel special as it’s only the second season when you can take pictures inside.

This stunning pavilion was created for the wife of Nicholas I which could relax after grand receptions there. It is located on a man made island and decorated in the style of Pompeii and XVIII century Italian country houses. The pavilion is a dream about Italy, an oasis of Southern paradise in the North of Russia. Only the chosen ones could come here. Join them!

There is a chance to drop to the Amber Workshop to see how masters responsible for the restoration of Amber Room keep creating other masterpieces; there will be a chance to take pictures in the workshop as it is not allowed to do that in Amber Room itself.

A special treasure room with ambassadors’ gifts and private belongings of Russian Tsars-all made of gold and covered with diamonds, rubies and emeralds; it is possible to visit it with the museum guide only, should be booked well in advance

One of the most famous collections of French impressionists and post impressionists outside France is situated in the General Staff Building in St Petersburg – just opposite the main Hermitage Museum Complex ( across the Palace Square) – let us know if you are interested and we will book tickets in advance.

We offer unique, once in your life time experience, which proved to be a climax of St Petersburg visit for many of our guests: a lunch with Russian family in their apartment. Enjoying home cooking and speaking with your host and hostess you will learn and understand a lot about Russian culture, traditions and lifestyle, see the way local people live and discuss with them everything under the sun!

The Pavlovsk Park and Palace ensemble is among the finest royal residences in the environs of St Petersburg. Unlike other famous royal residences Pavlovsk has the unique charm of a private estate. The palace was designed in reserved classical style and will be highly appreciated by true art connoisseurs. During a tour of Pavlovsk Palace you will not only be able to witness stunning state rooms used for official ceremonies and festivities in the palace, but also some private rooms where the family could gather together in the evening.

An interactive museum of Soviet arcade machines that are the core of the collection. There are over fifty of them on display. The ticket includes some tokens to play. The museum will help you to go back in time and learn more about the Soviet Russia. As for your kids, they will be curious to learn what was interesting for their fathers and grandfathers.

One of the coziest and most hospitable museums of our city.

Museum has 12 halls of art space. Interior dolls, theatre dolls, fairy-tale dolls, dolls depicting customs and traditions are on display there. All in all, the museum has over 40000 exhibits. It is guarded by purring spirits – 3 cats that appear when the museum is closed and dolls wake up… The only disadvantage is that you can’t play with the dolls, you can only look at them.

A unique and the first one in Russia art space where exhibits of shadow art are on display. You will learn the history of our city in light and shadow language there, meet Peter the Great, its founder, and even face your own shadow. Are you ready to look at everything and even yourself from a different angle?

Unique monument of the XV century built in Western gothic style. The only civil building in this style that survived in our country. There ambassadors were received, the Novgorod parliament and court sat and the grand dinners took place. Now the Novgorod jewelry collection of VI-XVII centuries is on display there.

Enjoy 14 halls with over 250 Novgorod icons of XI-XIX centuries. Novgorod is one of the centers of icon painting in our country. This exhibition is one of the best collections of Russian icons as it allows to follow the history of icon painting in our Russia.

Stretch your legs and enjoy the public boat ride. You will see views of the Volkhov river and the lake Ilmen which is called the Slavonic Sea because the area round is so flat. It takes 1-1.5 hours.

Kremlin is the heart of the city, the fortress in its center. During the tour you can see St Sophia cathedral, the oldest temples of our country made of stone, the monument to the Millennium of Russia and the place where merchants used to trade which is called “Yaroslavovo Dvorische” – Prince Yyaroslav court.

A functioning Russian orthodox monastery. It was founded in the XI century by Yaroslav, the grand duke who was baptized by St George, hence the name. St George cathedral, a gem of Russian medieval architecture, has unique frescoes and even an ancient graffiti.

Kazan Cathedral  one of the grandest churches in St Petersburg with its colonnades of 96 columns embracing Nevsky prospect like the outstretched wings of a gigantic eagle; it  was built between 1801 and 1811 to house a venerated icon Our Lady of Kazan by Andrey Voronikhin (a serf of Count Stroganov).

Divo Ostrov (the name means Wonderful Island in Russian and the attraction is really located on an island) is the best amusement park in Russia. It was founded in May 2003 and had 17 attraction rides then. Now there are 46 of them. Some of the amusement rides are for adults, some for families and some for kids. Divo Ostrov gives unique impressions to people of all ages. Every adult gets a ticket to his childhood and every child finds himself in the world of his dreams and fantasies.

If you are a passionate train lover, this place is your paradise: it’s the biggest railway museum in Europe, a sort of “Technical Hermitage”.  You can practice driving a train with the help of the simulator here: enjoy 6 real life scenarios! If you come with small ones, there are game zones especially for them. If you finally get bored of trains, you can take a selfie with a sad peasant  in the cold carriage or to practice Morse code with a plaster telephone operator.

Russian museum is the biggest museum of national art in the world and a unique architectural ensemble of the historical center of Saint Petersburg. With its 400000 exhibits it covers the history of Russian art from X century icons  up to XX-XXI century avant-guard art  and soviet  painting. You can see Ilya Repin, Mikhail Vrubel, Mark Shagal, Vasiliy Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich and many others there.

An annual festival of sand sculptures on the territory of Peter and Paul Fortress; international team of sculptors from different European countries create sculptures from special sand on the given subject which varies every year; the exhibition will be of great interest for you and your little ones

St Petersburg boat tours offer a perfect way to see the city under a bit different angle – sailing under numerous bridges along rivers and canals, and listening to curious stories from your guide. St Petersburg boat tours are especially majestic during the White Nights season in St Petersburg.

This private museum is a model of Russia made at the scale 1:87. The model is 800 square meters and symbolically shows all regions of our country. It’s the biggest model in Russia and second biggest in the world (after Minjatur Wunderland in Hamburg). It took 100 people 5 years to complete it. The model is interactive, so your children will be delighted to press buttons there.

It’s a museum inside the other museum. This section has 2400 exhibits which makes it one of the most prominent collections of this kind. Our country had the biggest Jewish population in the world at the end of the XIX century. So, this exhibition shows how the Jews lived in the Russian empire. You will know everything about traditional costumes, books, things used in everyday life, holidays, crafts the Jewish took part in, holidays they celebrated, etc.

These stunning pavilions were created in 1830-40 for the wife and daughter of Nicholas I (the daughter’s name was Olga). There the tsarina could relax after grand receptions.  They are located on manmade islands and decorated in the style of Pompeii and XVIII century Italian country houses. These pavilions are dreams about Italy, an oasis of Southern paradise in the North of Russia. Only the chosen ones could come here. Join them!

Agate rooms are a two-storied bath house. The first floor was used to take a bath and the second one had famous rooms where guests could relax afterwards. Their walls were decorated with agate – hence the name.

This unique complex was built by Charles Cameron for Catherine II in the 18th century and was restored only after WWII. It managed to preserve almost intact. Fortunately, this treasure is not as popular with mass tourism as Catherine palace, so if you want to enjoy something truly authentic and not overcrowded, this is definitely your choice.

Hereby, I, being the Customer of tourism services included in the tourism product, and the authorized representative of the individuals (tourists) indicated in the Application, give my consent to the tour operator (site ) Co Ltd “Dancing Bear Tours” (and direct service providers — accommodation facilities, carriers and other contractors, specified in the agreement on the sale of a tourism product) for the processing of my data and the data of individuals (tourists) indicated in the Application: last name, first name, middle name, date and place of birth, gender, citizenship, passport series and number, other passport data, given in the passport; address of residence and registration; home and mobile phone; E-mail address; as well as any other data relating to my personality and the identity of the individuals indicated in the Application, in the amount necessary for the implementation and provision of tourism services, including those included in the tourism product developed by the Tour Operator, for any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with my personal data and the data of individuals indicated in the Application, including (without limitation) collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, as well as the implementation of any other actions provided for by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, using automation tools, including in information and telecommunication networks or without the use of such means, if the processing of personal data without the use of them corresponds to the nature of the actions (operations) performed with personal data using automatic authentication means, that is, it allows for the search, in accordance with a given algorithm, for personal data recorded on a physical medium and contained in file cabinets or other systematic collections of personal data, and/or access to such personal data, as well as the transfer (including cross-border) of these personal data to the Tour Operator and relevant third parties — partners of the Tour Operator.

The processing of personal data is carried out by the Agent and its authorized representatives (the Tour operator and direct service providers) in order to fulfil this agreement (including, depending on the terms of the agreement, for the purpose of processing travel documents, booking rooms in accommodation facilities and with carriers, transferring data to a consulate of a foreign state, resolving claims in case of their occurrence, submitting information to authorized state bodies (including to the courts and law enforcement bodies)).

I hereby confirm that the personal data provided by me to the Agent are reliable and can be processed by the Agent and its authorized representatives.

I hereby give my consent to the Tour Operator to send me emails/informational messages to the email address and/or mobile phone number indicated by me.

I hereby confirm that I have the authority to provide the personal data of the individuals indicated in the Application, and I undertake to reimburse the Agent for any expenses associated with my lack of appropriate authority, including losses arising from the sanctions of the inspection bodies.

I agree that the text of the consent given by me of my own free will, in my interests and in the interests of the individuals indicated in the Application, is stored electronically in a database and/or on paper and confirms the fact of consent on the processing and transfer of personal data in accordance with the above provisions and I take full responsibility for the accuracy of the provision of personal data.

This consent is given for an indefinite period of time and can be withdrawn at any time by me, and relating to the part concerning a particular individual, a subject of personal data indicated in the Application, it can be withdrawn by that person, by sending a written notice to the Agent by mail.

I hereby confirm that my rights as the subject of personal data are explained to me by the Agent and are clear to me.

I hereby confirm that the consequences of withdrawing this consent are explained to me by the Agent and are clear to me.

This Consent is an annex to this Application.

The Faberge Museum has the world-class collection of Faberge Masterpieces (including 14 Easter Eggs), gift boxes, Russian enamels etc.The collection is situated in 9 beautiful rooms of Shuvalov Palace. It was opened in November 2013 and founded by the “Link of Times” Cultural Historical Foundation, established by Russian entrepreneur Viktor Vekselberg to repatriate lost cultural treasures to Russia.

The fourth tallest dome construction in the world. St Isaac’s Cathedral used to be the main Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Russian Empire. The enormous decoration of the interior of the cathedral, was created in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.Gilded bronze, malachite and lapis lazuli together with countless paintings, columns, mosaics, will take your breath away.

One of the best private palaces in the Europe .Its real gem is a home theater. Outstanding Russian singers and dancers performed there.In this palace young Felix Yusupov, the heir of the family, and other conspirators assassinated Grigory Rasputin.  During a visit to the palace you will learn about the plot of Felix and how it was brought to life.

Peter and Paul Fortress here our city was founded in 1703.Peter the Great started a fortress to protect the lands won back from Sweden. Now it is one of the most important 18th century fortresses in Russia and Europe.St Peter and Paul Cathedral is the burial place of almost all Russian Tsars from Peter the Great up to the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

Many metro station vestibules and platforms are adorned with marble, granite, bas-reliefs and mosaics which makes them look like underground palaces. The very first 10 stations appeared after WWII and have various military and Soviet symbols reminding visitors about the glorious victory over Nazi Germany. Owing to the city’s swampy subsoil, most of the lines were built extremely deep underground.

Peterhof is definitely “a must-see” for any first-time visitor to St Petersburg.It is often called the “Russian Versailles”: it is a real “kingdom of fountains” and true paradise for little children (as well as adults) with amazing cascades, a variety of unique and playful fountains, Grand Peterhof Palace, and other small ones.

Catherine Palace Is a must to visit. Inside you will find a succession of interconnecting rooms in Baroque style and somewhere in the middle of that enfilade is the famous Amber Room which was called by contemporaries “the eighth wonder of the world”. The palace was badly damaged during WWII and amber panels were stolen by the Nazi. But they started restoration in 1979 and finished it in 2003.

St Petersburg Siege Memorialcommemorates the hardship that Leningrad‘s (the soviet name of our city) citizens endured during the siege which lasted 900 days (1941-1943) and took away about 1.5 mln lives. The most striking part of the memorial are the tableaux of soviet citizens facing south towards the enemy. It was designed to be viewed from a distance. In the subterranean memorial hall are relics from the siege.

Offers fresh food from all over the former Soviet Union: melons, tomatoes, farmhouse honey, pickles, sour cream, ham and gherkins, not to mention imports such as kiwi fruit. Most vendors offer the chance to taste a sliver before buying. Outside the market are “babushkas” (pensioners) who sell things they have grown at their dacha (summer cottage) or gathered in the forest.

Hermitage Museum one of the most important and oldest museums in the world. It has one of the largest collections of paintings. If you spent one minute viewing each exhibit of the Museum it would take you11 years to see everything. The collection of the French Impressionists is exhibited in the General staff building which is located opposite the Winter Palace.

Most famous for almost 21,000m² of mosaics that cover both the interior and the façade of the building. The mosaics were created in Russia, which makes them even more valuable. It is the only building in our citybuilt in the style of Moscow churches. The church was built on the place where Alexander II was assassinated, hence the name.

St Petersburg boat tours offer a perfect way to see the city under a bit different angle – sailing under numerous bridges along rivers and canals, and listening to curious stories from your guide. St Petersburg boat tours are especially majestic during the White Nights season in St Petersburg.

Alexander Palace was commissioned by Catherine II for her grandson, future Russian tsar Alexander I and later became the summer home of a succession of Imperial heirs, each of whom left their mark on the building.