Private Tours in St. Petersburg Russia

Please  note, that when arriving to St petersburg by train , plain or ferry we can assist you with:

  • getting  visa invitation letters for getting visas in Russian embassy in your country (for free).
  • buying tickets for Moscow- St Petersburg  and St Petersburg- Mocsow train Sapsan (they start selling them 45 days before departure day- their Russian site offers the cheapest tickets).
  • recommending good inexpensive centrally located hotels  approved by our previous guests (we recommend to book them on booking .com).
  • buying ( reserving tickets)  for the ballets, folk shows, concerts of classical music.
  • recommneding and reserving good restaurants /cafes/bars.
  • meeting  you on the day of your arrival and seeing you off on the day of your departure with transfers to/ from  your chosen hotel.
  • and, naturally , guided tours.

If you give us some extra info about yourselves (private hobbies, interests, way of traveling — anything you consider to be important for making your staying in our city really special and different) we will definitely add a personal touch to your program in St Petersburg.

Contact us for any help you require in preparing your trip to St Petersburg.


One-Day St Petersburg Tour

A tour for first-time visitors to St Petersburg with limited time; you can book it even if you are a transit passenger — we will pick you up at the airport, show you the city (with two museum tours) and bring you back to the airport.


Royal Dachas 1-Day Tour

These Royal Palaces are known as “dachas” which means country house, used mainly in the summer time, so a royal dacha = royal summer palace.


St Petersburg Two-Day Basic Tour

This is a basic private tour that includes the most popular attractions in St Petersburg.


Two-Day St Petersburg Tour

This is our standard tour for small groups where you will spend two days with an experienced English-speaking guide and driver asking as many questions as you wish and following an itinerary which you can change as you wish.


Two-Day Active St Petersburg Tour

This is an active tour for small groups where you will spend two days with an experienced English-speaking guide and driver asking as many questions as you wish and following an itinerary which you can change as you wish.


Three-Day Basic St Petersburg Tour

This is a great relaxed tour over the course of three days that covers the most popular attractions in St Petersburg.


Three-Day St Petersburg Tour

Perfect variant for first time visitors — Enjoy St Petersburg during 3 days — you will see all the main attractions following your own pace, trying authentic Russian food, and being guided by our expert guides.

We offer a personalized family touch to each St Petersburg private tour with a focus on quality. Each of our tours can be customized for your unique requirements. You can take a private St Petersburg tour or join a small group. Taking a St Petersburg tour with Dancing Bear Tours is the best way to see the Cultural Capital of Russia. We can help you create the exact tour you are searching for with all the attractions you really want to see.

Our tours can be private or in small groups so you receive a personal touch, ask all the questions you want, and have the flexibility to change your itinerary as you go along.

You can create your own custom tour or choose a packaged tour which includes many of the most popular attractions such as the Hermitage Museum, Peterhof, Catherine Palace, the Faberge Museum, and the Church of Our Savior.

We also offer tours to some lesser known but very interesting attractions including the Russian Vodka Museum, Grand Choral Synagogue, and the Museum of Russian Political History.

Choose the St Petersburg private Tour that Fits your Requirements.

Choose private tours St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an astonishingly beautiful city. Unlike many old European cities, it is also the second biggest city in Russia. The downtown is vast and it is not easy to reach all the sights on foot. Therefore for your convenience, to make your stay in St. Petersburg memorable, and so that you see more in a shorter period of time, we offer you private tours in St. Petersburg Russia.

St. Petersburg is an astonishingly beautiful city

St. Petersburg is definitely one of the most impressive cities of the world. It is sometimes nicknamed “The museum under the open sky” because of its unique architecture. No wonder that the historical downtown of St. Petersburg became the first object of Russia to be listed by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. However all the buildings and the beauty of the city is just the cream. So many fascinating stories hide behind those facades! Our private guide St. Petersburg Russia will not only show you the external beauty but will take you deeper into the mysteries of our city!

The other reason to choose St. Petersburg private guide is that sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the city – there is just so much to see! Our experienced guides will help you to find your way better, see the most important landmarks and enjoy our beautiful city at the fullest!

Choose private tours St. Petersburg if:

  • You are a couple;
  • You are traveling with children;
  • You are a party and want to tour as a party;
  • You would like to get a personal approach when touring and be more flexible during the tour.

Private tours in Saint Petersburg is one of the most pleasant ways to spend your free time on vacation or your weekend. We will customize a tour for you making sure that you really enjoy your visit to St. Petersburg and the city fully meets your expectations!

St. Petersburg private guide for everyone

We at Dancing Bear Tours specialize in private tours in St Petersburg Russia. St. Petersburg provides numerous opportunities, whatever your interests are we will be able to customize your tour so that it meets your needs and interests. We have some readymade tours, but we are always flexible, and any tour we offer can be easily changed in any way you wish.  

The advantages of private tours:

  • You get your own car, driver and guide;
  • The tour is customized, so that you only see sights you are interested in;
  • Small group provides more flexibility; the itinerary can be adjusted slightly on the spot, if you need.

A private tour is not a lecture. It is more like a conversation. Our guides are not only well informed about the history of Russia, but they also share their personal stories, which gives the whole experience an absolutely different touch!

How to find in St Petersburg a private guide

It is a well-known fact that in order to learn a country better you should speak to the local people. All our guides who work for the Dancing Bear are from the area and are ready to share not only their knowledge about the city and the history of Russia, but also their family stories and personal experience.

It takes a year of training to become a St. Petersburg private guide. There are special courses organized either by the state or by private institution, but in the end to get a license, guides take a state examination. Apart from this, every guide also has to pass a test in each museum, where they want to take their guests in order to get a license. Our company only hires fully licensed and very experienced (at least three years of experience) guides! Therefore, if you contact us we will definitely provide you with a reliable, knowledgeable guide.

Private tours in St Petersburg, Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world. Each city is unique and has its own personality. Private tours in St Petersburg, Russia will help you get acquainted with the most European city of our country! In addition, we arrange trips to other places of Russia, including Moscow and Novgorod (one of the oldest cities in the North-West of Russia, where you can witness some typical Russian architecture!).