The third parade of retro cars took place in Saint Petersburg on the 21st of May. It is one week before our city will celebrate its birthday (on the 27th of May).

11 columns of cars (all in all more than 150 units) drove around the city center. The traffic had to be partly blocked not to interfere. There were cars, trucks, buses, trams and trolleybuses there. Some of the exhibits represented the museums of retro cars from Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Finland and Estonia but most of them were from private collections.

The hit of the parade was the unmanned bus called «MatrЁshkа» (from the name of a Russian traditional souvenir, nest doll which is called matryoshka). It was the first time the model was demonstrated to public. It was made in Russia by a company “Volgabus”.

We had guests from Belarus, Germany and Estonia at the festival.

The cars went along Nevsky prospect, the main street of our city. Then they parked along Engineers Street and everybody could get inside them, take a picture and feel the atmosphere of the past or imagine what the cars of future are going to be like.