The 2017 day of the Russian Navy

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This year it took our city a long time to prepare for the holiday. The rehearsals took place on the 23rd and 28th of July. To practice the parade, the bridges were opened in the morning which caused some traffic jams. But the locals realized it was worth it on the 30th of July.

There were a lot of events to attend on Sunday: naval parade at the Neva river, the army parade on the Palace square in the very city center, the fireworks.

For the first time, the ships were not only moored at the Neva river, but sailed along it. 4 bridges were opened to let them through. 60 ships took part in the ceremony. Besides, there were a few dozens of planes and helicopters of the Russian navy, marines, engineer troops there. Each participant got a medal to commemorate the event.

There were 2000 seats arranged for the spectators. After the parade, from 12 up to 6pm it was possible to visit any ship moored at the Neva river.

The holiday is celebrated annually. Come next year and see how grand the celebration will be in 2018.