Themed St Petersburg Tours

The following themed St Petersburg tours focus on a particular interest you might have for a tour in St Petersburg. Please note that any of these themed tours shown below can be added to a 2 or 3 day St Petersburg shore excursion.


Art and Architecture Tour (2 day, 19 hrs)

This tour is specially designed for art lovers! St. Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. Its architecture is so impressive, that it is even called sometimes the museum under the open sky.


Family Tour (for families with little ones) (2 day, 17 hrs)

This tour is specially designed for travellers with small children.


Jewish Heritage Tour (2 day, 19,5 hrs)

You would like to see major attractions of St. Petersburg but are also interested in the Jewish history.


Back to the USSR Tour (2 day, 20 hrs)

Welcome to The USSR !Taking this tour you will see not only main attractions of ST Petersburg but learn how soviet people lived, what they believed in , how they brought up their children and much more!


Royal Shopping St Petersburg Tour (2 day, 20 hrs)

We specially designed this tour in such a way that you won’t miss the greatest sights but will also have enough time to get the feel of the city, enjoy the everyday life — and have a wonderful shopping experience!


Scenic St Petersburg Tour (2 day, 20 hrs)

This is a special tour for amateur( and profssional) photographers. You have a special passion for taking pictures! St Petersburg is nicknamed a “museum under the open sky”.