The first and most important thing you need to know before you decide to go to Spain is that Spain does not leave anyone indifferent, it will steal your heart and never give it back. And if you are ready to take such risks, then read on, what kind of knowledge will be useful to you.

The down jacket can be left at home, in the closet. Spain is a warm country. In winter, the temperature ranges from +8 to 13 °C. In summer it can rise to +30 °C. If your goal is to get to know the sights, you have three seasons at your disposal: autumn, winter and spring. If your goal is to bask in the sun, then summer can also be considered.

Another extremely important point! Before the trip, you need to learn at least basic phrases: “hello”, “how to get there”, “right / left / straight ahead”, “where is the store”, etc. Not all Spaniards speak English. But from a discharged phone and the lack of the Internet, no one is safe. Españero Spanish School will help you learn the basic phrases and Spanish for kids online . It is not necessary to study the language for a long time, a couple of lessons are enough for you so as not to get lost in an unfamiliar country.

Some facts and tips for tourists

  • A visa is required to enter Spain.
  • From the currency it is preferable to take the euro with you.
  • Let’s not forget the siesta. Many shops and organizations do not work from 14.00 to 16.00. Therefore, it is better to take care in advance if you need something. But restaurants work on the opposite schedule: many open only from 14.00.
  • Every city in Spain is a whole architectural work of art. Therefore, do not rush to move from city to city every day. It is better to watch one, but with pleasure and thoughtfulness.
  • Flamenco and other traditional music and dances. These are the events that should not be missed. If you have not yet decided on the date and place, then we recommend that you find information about upcoming shows and adjust to them.
  • Where to find housing. You will always be glad to see in hotels and inns. Spain has Booking and Airbnb, where you can find apartments that meet all your requirements.

We have covered the most basic aspects for a traveler. We still have a lot to discuss: what sights to see in Spain, cuisine features, urban and intercity transport, etc. But we will talk about this in future articles.

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