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One-day ancient Novgorod city tour

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1 day (11 hours)


For visa free cruise passengers & on-land travelers

Type of the tour

Private Tour

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min 2; max 10

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Novgorod the Great is one of the oldest cities in northwestern Russia. Unlike St. Petersburg, it features traditional Russian architecture, its churches are white and crowned with those famous onion-shaped domes, which will perfectly match your expectations of what old Russian towns are all about. In addition, this city is unique, because while the southern parts of Russia were under tatar-mongol yoke, Novgorod, situated so much more to the north, was not affected and preserved its Russian culture. St. George’s Cathedral dates back to the 12th century! In addition, during your visit you will see wooden architecture. For those structures Russian masters used only one tool – the axe! So if you are intrigued by old Russia, this tour is definitely for you!

Activity level:

Comfortable sedan ( 1-2 people ) ,Mercedes Viano ( 3-4 people ) , Mercedes Sprinter ( 5+ parties)  with a/c ; Wi-Fi ( upon request ) or high speed train “Lastochka”.

experienced and licensed English- speaking guide (this tour is available in Spanish, German, French, Italian , Portuguese, Chinese as well  but by slightly different price).


  • Kremlin( fortress) of Novgorod the Great
  • St. Sophia Cathedral
  • Yaroslav ‘ s Court and Merchant Headquarters
  • XII century St. George Monastery
  • Open –air museum of popular wooden architecture

Option one

to Novgorod  and back by comfortable car

8:30 am Meeting in the port (or in the lobby of your hotel).

8:30 am-12:00 pm Driving to Novgorod.

12:00 pm — 2:00 pm City tour of Novgorod, visit to the Kremlin of Novgorod the Great. Inside visit to St. Sophia Cathedral, Yaroslav’s Court and the former Merchant’s Headquarters.

2:00 pm-4:00 pm Lunch (upon your wish), visit to St. George’s Monastery. Tour to an open-air museum of popular wooden architecture.

4:00 pm-7:30 pm Driving back to St. Petersburg

7:30pm  meeting you on the rail way station , transfer to your ship/hotel

Option two
to Novgorod and back by high-speed Lastochka train

6:30 am picking you up near your ship or in the lobby of your hotel

07:25- 10:17 am Driving to Novgorod by high speed train “Lastochka”

10:30 pm — 12:30 pm City tour of Novgorod, visit to the Kremlin of Novgorod the Great. Inside visit to St. Sophia Cathedral, Yaroslav’s Court and the former Merchant’s Headquarters.

12:30 pm-2:30 pm Lunch (upon your wish), visit to St. George’s Monastery. Tour to an open-air museum of popular wooden architecture.

2:30- 5:30  pm Your free time in Novgorod : you may take a boat ride on the Volkhov rivervisit museum of icons or the church with frescoes of Famous Theophanes the Greek.

6:05-8:55 pm Driving back to St Petersburg by “Lastochka”  high speed train

9-9:30 pm meeting your near your carriage on  railway terminal, transfer to  your hotel or to the port.

Number of people in your group 1 2 3 4 5 6
Price per person US $ (when traveling by car) 365 190 150 115 105 90
Price per person US $ (when traveling by Lastochka train) 265 155 120 105 90 85

Children under 6 у.о. will be included   for free ; children of 6-18 y.o. and students with ISIC will  get discount $15 off the cost of the tour.

  • Pick you up and drop off either in the lobby of your hotel or near your ship in the port
  • Guide services in Novgorod - 4 hours for both options
  • Option 1 only: driver services for 1 day (driving to, from and inside Novgorod city)
  • Baby car seats for children under 6 y.o.
  • Option 2 only: local Novgorodian driver service (4 hours) and return tickets for Lastochka train
  • admittance fees to the museums listed in the program
  • Permits for video and photos in the museums
  • Bottled water (one bottle per person, per day)
  • The cost of a lunch and lunch boxes (about $ 10-15 per person, per day)
  • The cost of entrance fees to the Museum of Icons, the church with frescoes of Theophanes the Greek and cost of boat ride along the Volkhov River ( option 2)
  • The cost of morning transfer to the railway terminal from your ship/hotel and evening transfer to your ship/hotel when traveling by train

Activity's Location

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Do I need visa for shore excursions in St Petersburg?
According to the laws of Russian Federation cruise passengers, arriving to SPb for no more than 3 days, do not need visas (stamp in your passport which you get in Russian Embassy in your country) in their passports when accompanied by fully registered tour companies (like us; our register number is РТО 006852). The system is as such if you decide that you wish to have a tour with us we will ask you to provide us with your passport information. We will prepare for you so called tour tickets (visa substitutes) and submit your personal details to the port authorities on the eve of your ship's arrival thus you'll disembark.
Where do I meet my guide?
You will be met by our guide (holding the plaque with logo of the company) in the lobby of Marine Facade Port (not outside) - just follow the flow of other cruise passenger.
Where do we finish excursion day?
We will leave you directly near your ship.


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Evening Tours

The Faberge Museumhas the world-class collection of Faberge Masterpieces (including 14 Easter Eggs), gift boxes, Russian enamels etc.The collection is situated in 9 beautiful rooms of Shuvalov Palace. It was opened in November 2013 and was founded by the “Link of Times” Cultural Historical Foundation, established by Russian entrepreneur Viktor Vekselbergto repatriate lost cultural treasures to Russia.

The fourth tallest dome construction in the world. St Isaac’s Cathedral used to be the main Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Russian Empire. The enormous decoration of the interior of the cathedral, was created in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.Gilded bronze, malachite and lapis lazuli together with countless paintings, columns, mosaics, will take your breath away.

One of the best private palaces in the Europe .Its real gem is a home theater. Outstanding Russian singers and dancers performed there.In this palace young Felix Yusupov, the heir of the family, and other conspirators assassinated Grigory Rasputin.  During a visit to the palace you will learn about the plot of Felix and how it was brought to life.

Peter and Paul Fortress here our city was founded in 1703.Peter the Great started a fortress to protect the lands won back from Sweden. Now it is one of the most important 18th century fortresses in Russia and Europe.St Peter and Paul Cathedral is the burial place of almost all Russian Tsars from Peter the Great up to the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

Many metro station vestibules and platforms are adorned with marble, granite, bas-reliefs and mosaics which makes them look like underground palaces. The very first 10 stations appeared after WWII and have various military and Soviet symbols reminding visitors about the glorious victory over Nazi Germany. Owing to the city’s swampy subsoil, most of the lines were built extremely deep underground.

Peterhof is definitely “a must-see” for any first-time visitor to St Petersburg.It is often called the “Russian Versailles”: it is a real “kingdom of fountains” and true paradise for little children (as well as adults) with amazing cascades, a variety of unique and playful fountains, Grand Peterhof Palace, and other small ones.

Catherine Palace Is a must to visit. Inside you will find a succession of interconnecting rooms in Baroque style and somewhere in the middle of that enfilade is the famous Amber Room which was called by contemporaries “the eighth wonder of the world”. The palace was badly damaged during WWII and amber panels were stolen by the Nazi. But they started restoration in 1979 and finished it in 2003.

St Petersburg Siege Memorialcommemorates the hardship that Leningrad‘s (the soviet name of our city) citizens endured during the siege which lasted 900 days (1941-1943) and took away about 1.5 mln lives. The most striking part of the memorial are the tableaux of soviet citizens facing south towards the enemy. It was designed to be viewed from a distance. In the subterranean memorial hall are relics from the siege.

Offers fresh food from all over the former Soviet Union: melons, tomatoes, farmhouse honey, pickles, sour cream, ham and gherkins, not to mention imports such as kiwi fruit. Most vendors offer the chance to taste a sliver before buying. Outside the market are “babushkas” (pensioners) who sell things they have grown at their dacha (summer cottage) or gathered in the forest.

Hermitage Museum one of the most important and oldest museums in the world. It has one of the largest collections of paintings. If you spent one minute viewing each exhibit of the Museum it would take you11 years to see everything. The collection of the French Impressionists is exhibited in the General staff building which is located opposite the Winter Palace.

Most famous for almost 21,000m² of mosaics that cover both the interior and the façade of the building. The mosaics were created in Russia, which makes them even more valuable. It is the only building in our citybuilt in the style of Moscow churches. The church was built on the place where Alexander II was assassinated, hence the name.

St Petersburg boat tours offer a perfect way to see the city under a bit different angle – sailing under numerous bridges along rivers and canals, and listening to curious stories from your guide. St Petersburg boat tours are especially majestic during the White Nights season in St Petersburg.

Alexander Palace was commissioned by Catherine II for her grandson, future Russian tsar Alexander I and later became the summer home of a succession of Imperial heirs, each of whom left their mark on the building.