Attractions in St Petersburg

Attractions in St Petersburg Russia | Dancing Bear Tours

St Petersburg is the cultural capital of the Russian Federation with more than 265 museums (including art, historical, musical, natural science, literature, and technical attractions) and innumerable other attractions worth your attention; so be sure you will find the one (alongside with the most famous, “must see” museums and sites) which will meet your personal interests and perhaps surprise you.

St Petersburg boasts one of the largest and oldest museums in the world, the State Hermitage Museum. St Petersburg also has the largest museum about Russian art, the State Russian Museum. You will also find the one of the largest English gardens in Europe located in Pavlovsk and one of the world’s strangest museums, Kunstkamera. In the summer St Petersburg comes alive at the Kingdom of Fountains in Peterhof, which exceeds the French Versailles. One of the best ways to view St Petersburg is a boat tour along the Neva River.

As with any large city there are always new attractions being open. In St Petersburg the most recent featured attraction to open in the Faberge Museum, which includes the world’s largest collection of Faberge jewelry.

Many areas in the center of St Petersburg are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has been constructed in mainly classical style from the 18th and 19th centuries, with the oldest being the wooden house of Peter the Great which was built in 1703.

Whether you are a family traveling with small children, an art and history lover, or a music lover, St Petersburg offers attractions for all ages and interests. With so many attractions to choose from it can be difficult to decide which you want to see with your limited time in the city.

We have written about many of the most famous attractions along with some attractions in St Petersburg that you might not have heard about but could suit your interests.

Many of the main attractions are included in our St Petersburg private tours and St Petersburg shore excursions. However, should you find another attraction in our list that you wish to see, we can easily add it into your tour or shore excursion for you. You can also create a custom tour in St Petersburg and build a tour that exactly matches all the attractions you wish to see.

We have included attractions you will find in the city and nearby suburbs of St Petersburg. However, there are also some amazing attractions in the Region near St Petersburg that you might also want to consider. Explore, discover, and welcome to St Petersburg!